Silver Surfer (@7Surfer7Silver7 on twitter) is leading the revamp of (an OG NFT marketplace) with his project, MemeX (coming sometime in 2021).

With that, the marketplace will leverage the $MEME token. The yield you get from $MEME will be in the form form NFT’s rather than more tokens.

I listened to his Spaces and a few people asked how to buy.. so this is that. The how to buy $MEME for beginners.

  1. Go to $MEME’s coingecko page

3. That will take you to the Uniswap page where you…

Last week I won my first OpenSea bidding war.

I secured the first on-chain neural network, XOR, a masterpiece by Nahiko, but was wholly unprepared for the process.

I thought I lost ETH and the auction. I’ll walk you through what I wish I knew ahead of time.

This isn’t about managing the stress or investment advice — the assumption is you already made a decision to bid on a piece and simply want to know how to execute and what to expect.

1. Auctions on Opensea use $WETH, not $ETH.. have $WETH ready in your wallet

Converting can take a while, be costly, or fail.

Save yourself the headache and have $WETH ready

The s y r i u s test wallet has landed — this article will walk through the how-to.. from download to getting coins for the testnet from the faucet to collecting $PP via incentivized phase.. if you don’t know what any of this means, this article isn’t for you.. first get familiar with Zenon via Shazz’s overview.

If you’re still with us, let’s start

1st rule of testing s y r i u s.. DO NOT SEND REAL $ZNN — DO NOT SEND REAL $ZNN — DO NOT SEND REAL $ZNN!

Now that that's sorted, let’s start for real


  1. Navigate to the website and download the appropriate wallet (not bundle — that’s another topic)

or are about to buy $ZNN.. the assumption is you already read Shazz’s Ape’s Guide. For any questions about the project, that is the place to start.

This article serves as a quick FAQ of sorts for first-time $ZNN purchasers.

1. Buying

  • Mercatox is the best exchange we have right now.. there’s no KYC so you can register and purchase in the same day
  • If you want to move into $ZNN in a more sizable way (300 ZNN+), you can route…

A small team in Cambridge (UK) has been working on bringing AI to the blockchain via Autonomous Economic Agents since 2017, and are now leveraging their tech to capitalize on a $20T+ market that nobody else in crypto is addressing.. DEX (decentralized exchange) for commodities.

How’s that for buzzwordy?

If you’re skeptical, it’s warranted.. but what if I told you the Cambridge team spun out of Deepmind (AI acquired by Google), has a track record of delivering, hosts one of the more active github’s in crypto, and is on the verge of major product launches? …

If Cryptopia doesn’t unlock incentive structures for $DOT they will be relinquished to a low-level blogging site owned by Binance…

Or flounder and go bankrupt. Or get acquired for pennies on the dollar. Or do something else that will ultimately be synonymous with lose.

I say this because we can compare the lifecycle of the crypto-exchange industry to that of a like-industry, DFS (daily fantasy sports), in order to predict how the crypto-exchange world might unfold.

If the two industries are remotely similar, the crypto-exchange business will be a winner-take-all system with most exchanges failing in the long-run. In order…

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